Optical Power Monitors

Precision measurement of optical power from pW to mW. 



The OPM series of optical power monitors employs photodiodes to measure optical power.

Precision dual transimpedance input stages provide for high common mode rejection and linearity throughout the full dynamic range of the system.


These optical power monitors are used for the measurement and monitoring of optical power from the UV to near IR. The output is a voltage linearly proportional to power. The fast response time at high signal-noise-ratio makes the OPM series particularly useful in systems control feedback loops, such as in fibre alignment systems. The sensitivity and wide dynamic range allow measurement of fibre coupled lasers and LEDs alike.

Several options of photodiode material and optical input, including free beam input, make these units useful in a wide range of applications including non-telecom metrology. A wide variety of modules are available with TTL-compatible interfaces for full parameter control. The auto-nulling function allows up to 7V of offset nulling. This is particularly useful for eliminating a DC signal component to concentrate on signal changes, such as during component burn-in and life-time testing.The amplifiers are classified according to rise time. Within each classification there are options of enclosure style, diode material, receptacles and numbers of channels. Please consult the linked documentation for full details in each case.